Seminar timetable

No. Themes Seminar Title  
1 T1-3 Civil Society’s agency and extreme weather events: dichotomies in theory and practice
2 CITIZENSHIP (T1) The role of Civil Society’s agency in governance and contingency planning: citizenship, participation and social learning
3 Civil Society and Emergency Response: conflicting discourses of dependency and empowerment
4 Civil Society, risk and climate change: science, perception, communication and exchange
5 SPACES (T2) New risk knowledges and social learning – platforms and social networks for knowledge sharing and capacity building
6 Less heard voices within Civil Society for resilience: engaging diverse groups in knowledge exchange and capacity building
7 INNOVATIONS (T3) Technical innovation for Civil Society’s resilience to risk: Creation, adoption, dissemination
8 Co-creative strategies with Civil Society for resilience: role of the arts and humanities
9 T1-3 Capacity building within Civil Society: long term resilience to extreme weather risk

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