Getting Involved

This site is the part of the web presence for CASCADE-NET – an Economic and Social Research Council funded seminar series that is exploring issues in how civil society builds resilience to reduce losses when affected by extreme weather. CASCADE stands for: Civil Agency Society, and Climate ADaptation to weather Extremes
The seminar network is using the web and social media for communication and exchange in four ways:
  1. this website is designed to provide more academic context-setting material about the ESRC Seminar programme
  2. its blog invites on-going reflections and reactions on themes addressed by CASCADE.NET. It very much welcomes contributions….
  3. a Facebook page welcomes wider engagement and discussion among different interests in this topic
  4. a twitter handle exploring   allows on-going sharing of materials and reflections as the programme develops.
We encourage you to access and contribute the material you find most useful, and to get involved in the discussions.
So in summary – how to get involved?
  • Participate in our seminars – either face to face or virtually
  • Contribute to pre- and post-seminar discussions on specific themes
  • Contribute your thoughts and ideas to our blog
  • Post material on our Facebook page to help build to build a community of interest and practice
  • Send us Tweets with events, reports, examples, ideas that might interest our followers