“if you see the ocean rushing out, head for the hills...”

This seminar series aims to critically examine the changing role of Civil Society in the Extreme Weather Adaptation Cycle
Civil Agency, Society and Climate ADaptation to Weather Extremes

This is part of the web presence for CASCADE.NET – a UK Economic and Social Research Council funded seminar series that is exploring issues in how people (civil society) build resilience to reduce losses when affected by extreme weather.

  • This series of seminars (and associated discussions) is exploring how can people become better adapted to extreme weather so losses are reduced? What are, and could be, the roles of people and communities in these processes? How can we bring thinking about people and extreme weather out from just during the actual events? This means we need to think about people (their knowledge, skills and networks) through the whole cycle of extreme weather adaptation – in preparing for events and in recovery and rehabilitation when it is important to learn and work to increase resilience to future events. In this series, we explore some of the tensions and spectrums in these processes - for example, a situation where the state has main responsibility for resilience planning to a situation where people have main responsibility and all the scenarios in between. The seminars are interested in innovations – for example, technical and involving arts and heritage - that increase peoples’ role in extreme weather adaptation to support resilience-building.

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